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Well....Why Innover Training?

Carol Pigott
Clifford Pigott

Why Innover Training?
Innover Training has been the brainchild of husband and wife team Carol and Cliff Pigott. They wanted a way to bring innovated education and training delivery to learners at a price that won’t put them into deep debt. Too many students signing themselves into thousands of dollars of student loan debt in order to get the training and education they need. The Innover Training team found a way to bring a better quality educational experience without exploiting the students who need these programs. Innover Training has eliminated the middle-man – the overhead cost of a classroom building and archaic textbooks. They have developed a dynamic training delivery program that enriches the students based on their individual learning needs.
Carol and Cliff named the company Innover Training because they wanted to approach education and training with an a new innovative approach. Carol has a master’s in education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction. She also has over 17 years of experience as an adult educator in the for-profit education industry. This has helped Carol to understand that there is an pressing need to transition from the traditional an instructor-oriented learning platform to the student-centered learning platform where the student plays a more active role in his or her learning and training goals.
Innover Training plans on expanding into the vocational training arena. There are also plans to develop adult high-school completion courses. As Innover Training grows to meet the various student needs, other programs such as Business Office, Accounting, and ultimately Medical Billing and Coding are on the horizon.
Innover Training plans on becoming a leader in the new student-centered training and educational industry. They plan on keeping the time-tested teaching methods and leave behind the archaic teacher habits that are now obsolete.
Today, it’s much more important to meet the student’s individualized needs. That’s why Innover Training’s programs will have a more differentiated approach in its delivery of instruction. We look forward to an exciting future in this the new Twenty-First Century decade we are now in.